Cocktail Club

Men's Club - Strip Live Show

Working conditions

Hostess keep party for clients ,converse with them and keep a pleasant atmosphere during their staying in club.Strictly –there are not erotic services. Go-go dancers make 3-4 performance per night. After they converse with clients also.



50 EUR for dancers - 40 EUR for hostes per day, commission for consummation – 2EUR for first 10 drinks and 3EUR for the drinks after the 10nth drink( no alcoholic drinks ) .Wages is daily after working.


Working time:

Daily at 22.30 – 4:00 .On Fridays and Saturdays is free closing time. Girls can take one day off per week.



Girls should wear a short evening sexy dress in club, skirt or shorts.Necessary is evening shoes ( French heel ).


Period of contract:

Minimum is 2 month. After arrival hostess get work permit.



Accommodation is free at apartment in the centre of the city (chalkida). Is possible to cook there.



Age from 19 – 30 , english language-basic level, reliability and good communicating with people.